Dordogne Design – putting Dordogne on the web since 2002

I’m a freelance web designer based in the Dordogne S.W. France

Are you looking for a web designer that specializes in the Dordogne region? a designer that can design, optimize and maintain your website?.
Dordogne Design can help you get your business online with a website that will allow your business to grow, earning you money, not costing you money.

No job is too large or too small. Dordogne Design works on Project basis, Yearly basis or Hourly basis.

A – Z Web Design Services

Dordogne Design A-Z

Dordogne Design doesn’t just design web sites, we offer every service available to get your site up and running, and we don’t stop there!. From idea to concept, we are on the ball. Domain names, hosting, account setup, database setup, email accounts, and anything else that is needed to get your site working for you.
Once your site has been launched, we make sure it’s smooth sailings. We keep a watchful eye on how it’s performing, and we tweek the code if and when needed for optimal performance.

Search Engine Optimization

Dordogne Design SEO

Dordogne Design get’s high rankings with ethical SEO methods Some search engine optimization companies and software developers use unethical tricks and techniques to artificially boost the search engine rankings of a website. Dordogne Design works together with Complete SEO and Duke of Dordogne to make sure every website we design and develop is “Code Clean” and Search Engine Friendly. We are also the only Web Designing company to offer Pay Per Result (PPR) which means if we don’t get you listed, you don’t pay.

Jump start your Business

Dordogne Design Jump Start

Having a website is just the beginning, the next step is to let the world know about your site, ‘cos if no one knows it’s there, it’s going to be pretty useless. The first step is to submit your site to all the mayor search engines. Once your site has been submitted, we need to get your site high on the rankings, preferably the first two pages, this can be a VERY tedious and expensive task. Dordogne Design has more than 30 high ranking Dordogne websites to use as an advertising platform to give your website a jump start.