The 3 steps to owning a website

The question I get most from potential clients is : What exactly do I need to have a website.

To break it down, these are the steps to having a website from zero to hero..

This is a very basic and general breakdown of what one needs to own a website, for more info please contact me with any questions you have.


1] A catchy domain name that is somewhat relevant to what your new website will be about, for example if you offer “Welding” services in the Dordogne, then a name like would be a lot better than – There are a lot of domain extensions to choose from, for example .com, .info, .org etc.. personally I [still ] prefer the .com –

A domain name will cost you about $15/ Euro a year.

note: some hosting companies offer a FREE domain when purchasing a hosting package. I strongly recommend you do NOT choose a domain name that you want to use as your primary / main domain name. I also recommend seperating your domain name seperate from your hosting – for example purchase your domain name from example 1and1 and your hosting from for example InMotionHosting.

2] Now you have a domain name, you will need to find a Hosting Company to host your website – There are tons to choose from, i strongly suggest you using a company that can be reached 24 / 7 by phone / chat and email –

Price of hosting just a single site can vary from 60 Euro – 100 Euro a year

3] Now you have a domain and hosting, you can get started with your site. You can either do this yourself, or you can have a web designer do it for you. Personally I would strongly using a platform such as WordPress that can be designed / changed on the fly from anywhere with an internet connection, no software needed

Now you have a website, you will have to work hard and spend time to make sure that if someone is looking for a welder in the Dordogne, that your site comes up preferably on the 1st page of the search engine.